NAMVAR Photographer

Who We Are?

Namvar  Abbasian was born in 1969 and began photography at the age  of 25. He studied agriculture for years, but dropped out to follow his passion for photography. His prime interest is luxury photography, where he spends hours and days to take the right shot. He has a lot of experience with aerial and industrial photograph.




Professional Luxury

Media Product

We believe that every client is unique. We also believe that every project poses new challenges, which We are prepared to meet. Most importantly, We believe that every dollar your company invests in a project with us should have a tangible return.

Namvar offers photographic services for corporations, businesses, architects, real estate, interior designers, construction professionals and the hospitality sector. His images are typically used for web sites, marketing presentations, public relations initiatives, corporate communications and editorial purposes.  “Our mission is to interpret the objectives of our clients in a way that ensures that these goals are optimally realized. We aim to surprise and delight the viewer by interpreting a situation in a way you may never have considered before; accordingly, each photographic assignment is approached with imagination, enthusiasm and attention to detail.”